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As a nonprofit, nonstock corporation registered in Virginia, the Mercury (and our parent company Arlington Community News Lab, Inc.) is committed to quality journalism "where the policy meets the pavement." We are committed to sharing the news with the community in as many ways as possible; therefore, we have licensed our textual, audio and video content under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Unless otherwise noted, you can republish our articles for free. We have a few caveats.

  • You are allowed to cut, paraphrase, or summarize a story in such a way that it does not change the meaning of the original. You bear legal responsibility for your changes. You must still give credit for the content to the Arlington Mercury.

  • You are allowed to change references to time so that the story makes sense in your publication ("last night" would become "Tuesday Oct. 4")

  • You must attribute the original to the Arlington Mercury at the start or end of the piece. ("From Arlington Mercury" works great.)

  • Hyperlinking: Online content must be linked back to the original at the Arlington Mercury.

    • We prefer that you link back to the original story. Every story has a unique url; please link to it. (Click the story headline. On your browser address bar, "" is the url.)

    • You may also link to our main website: .

  • Under this license, we are not allowing commercial sales.

  • It is OK to put our stories on pages with advertisements.

  • You may not auto-upload content from our site to yours. You must choose and load stories individually. You may not attempt to make the story appear to have been originally produced by you or originally posted on your website.

  • We use the "share alike" clause of the Creative Commons license which means that if you create a derivative work with ours (such as conducting more interviews and expanding the story to include them), you must distribute it with the same Creative Commons license that we use.

  • Please check with us before using any photographs or other digital, still images. In most cases, the use will be allowed; however, the rights to those images are not always ours to give.

We use the Creative Commons copyright license, which provides the legal details. If you have questions, contact editor Steve Thurston: .


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