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Tax-Exempt Status Looks Close, Opens Opportunity


February 6, 2013

We are this close to having the official 501(c)3 designation from the IRS. (When I say this close, I am squinting in a cute, sort of scrunch-faced way and holding my thumb and forefinger mere millimeters apart.)

Being this close to the 501(c)3 designation puts the Mercury in a great place. With a strong staff and some great stories under our belts, we are ready to pursue funding that will be available with the new designation.

As our status shifts from nonprofit corporation (which we always have been) to tax-exempt nonprofit, new opportunities for fundraising open. I assure you we will invest the necessary time to pursue them. While we invest our time in building for the long term, you may see fewer stories, but you will see the same commitment to quality, enterprise journalism.

If you like schools coverage, we have been on top of the busing debate and the school expansion issues. If development is your thing, we offer context and analysis in the stories. Affordable housing? Streetcar?  We get into the issues and talk to people in the neighborhoods.

That is why I know we are in a great place. We have a dedicated, all-volunteer staff that has grown and changed in 18 months. We have community support, with donations, and a growing email list and .

My final note, then, will be a fundraising pitch: Click here to give!

Now is the time to give to the Mercury. We hope you will give at the $50 level or higher, but even smaller donations show a larger funder that the community cares. Please, help show that support and give today!

--Steve Thurston, Editor




February 6, 2013

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FYI, nieman lab report

-Nieman Lab: Report: The IRS’s “antiquated and counterproductive” rules are hurting nonprofit news orgs--The new report from the Council on Foundations and the Knight Foundation says the IRS process for granting 501(c)(3) status to news organizations is “archaic” and “obsolete” and suggests fixes. The IRS is applying “an antiquated and counterproductive standard to a dynamic sector” in limiting the growth of nonprofit news outlets, erecting “serious and unnecessary obstacles to critical innovation,” according to a new report released this morning. The document — the result of a year’s study based at the Council on Foundations and supported by the Knight Foundation — calls for a number of changes in how the Internal Revenue Service decides whether a news outlet can qualify for 501(c)(3) status.

Pat Sullivan 158 days ago

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