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Steve Thurston is the Editor of the Arlington Mercury and the Executive Director of the Arlington Community News Lab, Inc.

He controls the editorial direction of the Mercury's coverage, and coordinates coverage with the Mercury staff and interns. He loves to try new storytelling technologies from podcasting and videos to slideshows and long-form stories.

Get in touch with him:

At the Mercury, we tell stories "where policy meets the pavement."

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Photo: Steve Thurston

Indoor Farmers' Market, Hens and Municipal Composting in Task Force Report

County staff will take months to analyze the Urban Agriculture Task Force Report that lists an indoor farmer's market and the creation of a permanent urban agricultural task force among its "priorities." more »

Jun 12, 2013 by in Countywide


Photo: Steve Thurston

Chickens Across the Country

In an article and video, the Mercury has spoken with people on the Urban Agriculture Task Force and with those across the country about the reports to be released tomorrow and what it means for backyard hens and the people who raise them. more »

Jun 10, 2013 by in Countywide (1 Comments)


Image: Army Corps of Engineers

Corps Issues a Finding of No Significant Impact

The Army Corps. of Engineers has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact for the Millennium Project at Arlington National Cemetery. A full Environmental Impact Statement will not be conducted and the project will move ahead as planned. more »

Jun 6, 2013 by in Countywide


Photo: Steve Thurston

Fisette Crusades Against the Plastic Bottle

When you have a choice between tap or bottled water, choose the tap, county board Vice Chair Jay Fisette told the Arlington Civic Federation Tuesday night. more »

Jun 5, 2013 by in Countywide

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Photo: Steve Thurston

Boundary Changes Are Dead, Long Live the Boundary Changes

more »

Jun 11, 2013 by in Extra-Curricular


Photo: Steve Thurston

Team Kids, Empowering Kids

The idea behind Team Kids is that the kids do the planning and work. The adults merely make it possible. "It's a deliberate transfer of power," from the adults to the children, the group's founder said. more »

Jun 11, 2013 by in About Arlington


Photo: Steve Thurston

1700 Years of Experience Retires

Arlington Public Schools celebrated the careers of 82 retirees at a celebration before the school board meeting Thursday June 6, 2013. more »

Jun 7, 2013 by in Extra-Curricular

Special Needs Kids May Prove Central in English Language Arts Evaluations

The Arlington Public Schools Board and English Language Arts staff will convene next week in a work session to discuss a newly-released evaluation of the ELA program and the Plan for Improvement contained therein. more »

Jun 7, 2013 by in Extra-Curricular

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Photo: Steve Thurston

She Got Game

The work of Nancy Floyd in the Tiffany Gallery had me most entranced. Floyd has been shooting photos of women who shoot guns. Floyd captured them training for this summer’s Olympics in Colorado Springs, Colo. more »

Mar 2, 2012 by in Arts&Music

Data/Fields: What You See Is What You Hear

The installation running at Artisphere delves into the relationship between sound and vision. more »

Sep 30, 2011 by in Countywide

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Photo: Steve Thurston

Arlingtonians Raise Backyard Hens Despite Regulations

more »

Jun 10, 2013 by in subUrbanPlanning


Image: Arlington Libraries

Center for Local History: Focus on Arlington, Online

more »

Jun 3, 2013 by in Countywide

Lander, Kanninen Debate

APS Board incumbent Lander focused on his experience on the board and on building relationships in the community while challenger Kanninen focused on the need for mentors in the schools and for better enrollment data. more »

May 2, 2013 by in Schools (1 Comments)


Photo: Steve Thurston

Staff's Last Crack at Budget

Video: Before the budget decisions next week, county staff had one last chance to pitch ideas to the Arlington County Board. more »

Apr 13, 2013 by | in Countywide

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Ribbon Cutting

Photo: Gerald Martineau

Carlin Hall Reopens

Carlin Hall officially reopened on Saturday June 1, 2013, about a year after renovations began. more »

Jennifer Zickel

Steve Thurston

Catholic Vigil for Girls Rights

more »

County Dems Victorious In All Races

more »

Fall Colors at the Farmers' Market

We don't have a story with this batch of photos; we just like the fall colors. more »