May 15, 2013


Image: Army Corps of Engineers

Both the Arlington County Civic Federation and Preservation Virginia earlier this month officially stood against the Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Project as the Army Corps. of Engineers plans to develop it.

In a statement, Preservation Virginia wrote:

As currently designed, the planned 27-acre Millennium Project expansion threatens to disrupt the cemetery’s significant surroundings and destroy a 12-acre  section of Arlington House Woods as well as its old growth hardwood forest and historic boundary wall.

The group writes that they believe there is a better way to reach the Corp's goal in this project of increased burial space on the property and preserve trees and a small stream on the site.

Last month, the Urban Forestry Commission and the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board voted to support what they saw as a less intrusive version of the cemetery’s redesign.

The cemetery is not controlled at all by Arlington County, and the project is in the hands of the Army Corp. of Engineers, control granted by Congress.

Last Tuesday, May 7, the  along the same lines. The resolution says that the civic federation:

Requests all members of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States that represent the Commonwealth of Virginia and its Congressional districts to make their best efforts, including, but not limited to the adoption of Federal legislation, to protect the trees and woodlands in Arlington National Cemetery that the Millennium Project will remove.

The that the county’s leaders are looking to the federal government to intervene, an idea that activist and environmentalist Bernie Berne has been advocating for months.

"We have to get [Sen. Tim] Kaine on it," Berne said at an Urban Forestry Commission in March. 


May 15, 2013

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There are limits

There are physical limits as to how far ANC can sprawl. I understand the desire for more space, but at *some* point, they will have nowhere to go - they will be pinned in from all sides by actual houses. They need to start planning - what happens when you've run out of space?

mosprott 86 days ago

Save what we have left

Destroying unique and rare natural, cultural and historic resources with the ill-conceived Millennium Plan is a terrible way to honor those who lost their lives for this nation. The plan removes 90-150 year old trees and habitat and leaves the old growth tree stand on the front line for wind and storm damage and destruction. But they know this and don't care.

irret 82 days ago


Standing on the front line better describes fallen people than fallen trees. Trees can be replanted, honor is due to as many veterans as possible.

Valerie Crotty 79 days ago

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